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My name is Graham Stones and I mostly work with  yoga practitioners aged between 35 and 50 (approximately) who are struggling with the challenge of chronic hip or shoulder pain. You have probably tired resting it, adjusting your practice to a less challenging version and maybe even tried other physical therapy such as Physiotherapy or Osteopathy.

Everyday, in my comfortable treatment room, I help broken yogis (and other broken people) achieve joy in their movement again with pain free hips and shoulders so that they can prove to themselves once again, just how amazing they truly are!

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What you do is not just exercise – it’s an essential part of your life. It not only makes you look and feel great on the outside, it’s also what lights you up on the inside. It’s the vehicle by which you break the boundaries of what is truly possible for you!

So if you’ve tried all the conventional methods and are still having problems, then there is a solution for you!

At broken yogi we don’t just get rid of pain, we help our clients get a deeper, more 3 dimensional understanding of what is going on for them so they can own there new pain free body and be inspired again by all the new things it will effortlessly allow them to achieve.

So if you’re looking for a refreshing approach, to your old problem, that has helped thousands of other people like you become pain free and achieve more, then we could be a perfect match!

If you’d like to know more about the services Broken Yogi can offer and are curious to know a bit more about me, or would like to hear some real life experiences in the testimonials then follow the links.

If you already think that this could be the solution you have been in search for  then feel free to jump to the contact page – I’d love to hear from you!

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