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On this page are a few testimonials from some of the wonderful and inspiring people I have had the pleasure to help. I would be happy to help you too, whatever your yoga is!

I am a Senior Principal at English National Ballet and have been seeing Graham for over 6 years now. He is an exceptional masseur and is someone I always turn to for treatment. He is extremely good at what he does. Over the years I have seen so many masseurs but no one has ever compared with Graham’s knowledge, experience and variety of treatments. He seems to know what my body needs more than I could ever imagine. As dancers we need constant attention to repair and fix our problems and Graham is always on the top of my list of people to see. I am always searching for the quickest results to get me back from an injury, or out of pain and I know I can always rely on Graham to do this for me. I would recommend him to everyone and anyone, I am so lucky I have found him.

Erina Takahashi
Senior Principle for The English National Ballet

Erina Takahashi – Black Swan Pas de deux as featured in Black & White

I am a Dancer from English National Ballet and saw Graham for treatment for a back spasm I got during rehearsals. It was just two days before a very important performance that I could not afford to miss, I had pain walking and couldn’t imagine dancing, so I called Graham in desperation. I had been on the treatment bed for only minutes and I could feel my body re-aliening and releasing. It was exactly what I needed, he seemed to massage areas that I didn’t even realise were tight. I could not imagine getting off the massage bed feeling how I did, I could move again, I felt two inches taller and I could BREATHE again, I can’t describe as a professional athlete how valuable knowing someone as good as Graham is. We strive everyday to get the best from our bodies and when it comes to treatment we need not only the very best but to be fixed as soon as possible, and I know when I call Graham he will do what ever it takes to fix me and get me back to work. He is a very special masseur, he just seems to understand and know your body better than you will ever do. He is a genius in his art form and if I could I would see him every day.

James Streeter
Junior Soloist for The English National Ballet

James Streeter & Erina Takahashi in Giselle with English National Ballet

James Streeter & Erina Takahashi in Giselle with English National Ballet

I am a dancer for The English National Ballet and had chronic upper back pain and a pulled muscle on the inside of my leg, which had been going on for about 4 weeks. Graham found areas of tightness that I wasn’t aware of which were contributing to the main symptoms I presented. I felt great afterwards, like somehow the last 6 weeks of intensive rehearsals had been erased from my body, I felt reborn! It was definitely what I was looking for. Probably the best masseur in London and my go-to person when I need deep muscular tension released. Graham's intuitive treatment hits the spot every time. He’s fantastic. Go!

Desiree Ballantyne
Soloist for the English National Ballet

Graham is a very skilled, and perceptive person who has combined many different techniques in physical therapy. He has a natural and friendly manner which makes one feel at ease. Great physical therapy.

Gingi Lee
Director of The Shala

I had been struggling with my back problem for a while, which was affecting a lot of other muscles in my body and my performance. Graham was brilliant at finding where the problem originated from and releasing it. I felt a huge improvement straight afterwards. I left the treatment pain free and with a much greater control of the muscles in my body. Thank you

Ksenia Ovsyanick
First Artist for The English National Ballet

I am an Australian opera tenor and was working in London when I found Graham in the Light Centre conveniently located near Victoria Station. What a find! I had a pulled muscle in my lower back that gave me pain and limited movement for two months. I live in Italy and travel regularly throughout Europe for performances so it's important to be flexible and in top shape. Firstly, Graham listened carefully to my concerns and then immediately located the trouble-area in my lower back. His treatment was spot on! The deep remedial massage and advice relieved me of my discomfort and I was then able to stand up straight in rehearsals without any tightness in my lumbar area. Freedom again.. Thanks Graham, the opera went really well. Will definitely see you next time in London!

Aldo Di Torro
Opera Tenor

I have been a client of Graham's for a number of years. As a yoga teacher with a demanding teaching schedule it's vital to me to work with excellent body workers who can support me to stay fit & healthy along with my yoga practice. Over the years I have tried out numerous body workers, I highly recommend Graham, he has been a great support both for helping my body to relax & unwind, to recover from surgery & injuries. I always look forward to my treatments with Graham.

Sophie Coats
Anusara Inspired Yoga teacher

Visceral Manipulation was something new to me, and it turned out to be just what I needed. I love how subtle yet how deep and effective it is. The way Graham works is clear and supportive, he understands the body on a physical, energetic and emotional level. The exercises he gave me were also a real help. I didn't make time for them for a couple of days and definitely felt the difference when I got back into it!

Kristi Mae Johnson
Certified Forest yoga Teacher