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P.R.I.M.E course



Pain Release  & Increase movement with Ease!


P.R.I.M.E is a course that helps you to get out of pain and increase your range of movement with ease, lightness and fun.


If pain is stopping you from being able to move then the likelyhood is less movement will only create less movement over time and soon you will be stuck with pain. It is an ever decreasing circle.


If you’ve been in pain for a while you have probably tried the usual things that are “supposed” to work:

  • Resting
  • Changed your yoga practice
  • Treatments from various therapists
  • Researched exercise or advice on the internet


By now you are probably feeling a bit lost and don’t know where the hell to turn next. You get a bit of relief from all the things you’ve tried but nothing seems to have a lasting effect and you wonder if there is anything that will ever get to the core of the problem? It can feel so frustrating!!


My story…


I totally get where you are coming from, I have been at the pits of brokeness after my extremely fortunate survival of the 2004 Tsunami when I was in Thailand.

In the months afterwards my movement became less and less and so did my enjoyment for the things I loved, such as yoga. But it also started to affect my optimism and enjoyment for life which had a big impact on my relationships with the people I love. Not one to be beaten I spent years (and lots and lots of my precious time and money) figuring out how to restore movement in my body again and get out of pain. What I discovered was that it was not as simple as carrying on as before, it felt like I was hitting a brick wall each time i practiced.

It turns out there were some missing links, I hadn’t ever considered, that I needed to unlock to restore movement and release me from pain. I started to use this approach in my 1-2-1 clinic work with great success and now, I am on a quest to help more people find their missing links to restoring movement and releasing themselves from pain.



“Recently I have struggled through a series of shoulder, wrist and back injuries and issues which lasted through many weeks leaving me in chronic pain much of the time which greatly limited my ability to teach and practice my yoga. I visited an osteopath, a physiotherapist and a chiropractic, and while all made some temporary improvements to my situation, it wasn’t until I started seeing Graham that I started to see permanent change.”

Katie Courts – yoga teacher


Is this you;


  • You’ve had pain for longer than 2 months
  • Your movement is getting less and less.
  • You spend waaaaayyyy too much time looking up how to get out of pain.
  • You’re secretly worried that maybe it’s you that is the problem.
  • You’re worried about long term damage and the prospect of pain forever.
  • You don’t have as much fun as you use to.


The truth is your pain is not where the problem lies, if it was you would have solved it by now. Focussing on the symptom doesn’t get you anywhere, in fact it only causes more frustration. The longer pain goes on the more it affects you by reducing what you can do. What a lot of people don’t recognise so much is  it increases worry, anxiety, depression, low energy and low self esteem. It then starts to affect your most important relationships and you can end up feeling lost and alone. It is a really crappy place to be, I know, I spent a long time there.


My sole aim for this program is to give you the tool kit that I have used to help thousands of people get out of pain and move with more freedom, space and lightness again.


These are the things people typically experience when working with me;


  • I can move more easily without pain.I have a greater range of movement.
  • I have a greater range of movement.
  • I feel confident and comfortable  in my body.
  • I feel more grounded and present.
  • I’m having more fun, generally.
  • I feel lighter and happier
  • I am connecting better with people and feel like I am getting more from life.
  • I am more me.


Through this course you will learn the 3 key missing links that will get you out of pain and improve your movement, not just now but for the next 10, 20 , 30 years. This experience is the beginning of a new way to keep your body opening up through the lifetime of your practice. As you have fun learning these essential skills it will help to keep you on the mat and out of the therapist’s treatment room saving you valuable time and money so that you can put it towards the things you really want to be doing.


My 3 Key missing links for getting

you out of pain are;


Connected movement patterns

So that you can learn how to practice pain free and move with more ease.

We will do this through a live online webinar that is recorded so you can review it at a time that works for you.
Extra parts to this program include a comprehensive video library of movement patterns so you can explore joining your yoga movements in your own time through a simple specific yoga sequence. I will be available to answer any questions you have and coach you in your progress. There will also be time to explore this further in our group workshops.

Freedom from pain module

Getting out of pain is not enough, most people set their expectations too low when it comes to overcoming pain but in this module we will see why it is important to establish feeling happier, calmer and more creative. By then end of this course you will know more about pain than most doctors but more importantly what actually works at making it go away so you are set for life.

We will do this through a webinar lecture that you can access anytime as well as a clinically proven exercise that you can do in your own time throughout the course  but also learn how to use it for anytime you need it after the course. There will be plenty of opportunity to see how to use this effectively and to get some specific help via the group forum.

Target the root of pain

If you are reading this it is because you know treating the symptom doesn’t work – In this part of the program you will find 3 ways to open up  deep, hidden, physical restrictions that will get you moving better and stop your pain.

This is done through a series of 3 exercises online that you can do in your own time or live. You will also have a lot of opportunity during the two workshops to really get nail this new skill so that you now have a way of continually creating more movement in the body and releasing yourself from painful stuck positions in the future.


What is in your P.R.I.M.E course:


  • Pre-program starter pack so you can actually see the transformation in your movement from the beginning of the course to the end.
    (For this you will need a pen, a journal, smart phone or recording device, access to facebook)


  • 3 physical exercise principles that will break the chains of restriction in your yoga and open the path to freedom in movement again.


  • 2 x 3 hour live workshops in London, where we get plenty of opportunity to have  fun mastering your new techniques that will change how you approach restrictions in the future.


  • 5 live online classes that will be recorded and watchable throughout your program so you can go back and review the classes to make sure you are getting everything you need from them.


  • 5 live online group coaching calls to ensure you are really getting the most out of the course and the new techniques you’re learning.These sessions will be recorded for you to recap throughout the course so you really get to master your new skills.
  • Exclusive access to my online video movement library that will help you to join up movement patterns in your yoga practice to move you out of pain and into a greater range of movement.


  • Membership to an exclusive facebook group where you can post questions on any areas that you are stuck which we will address in our coaching calls. Also a chance to connect to your  p.r.i.m.e group for support along the way.


  • A scientifically proven exercise to reduce pain, as part of the pain module, plus my expert eyes on your progress so that you know you how to tackle pain by yourself.




  • My pain warning system  so that you know how to nip it in the bud before it becomes a problem saving you potential lost hours off the mat.
  • My essential guide to the key concepts of pain, so you have a cognitive system to outsmart pain and be back in charge whenever it strikes.


  • A bonus 1-2-1 phone check in three weeks after the course to make sure you are ok using the new skills you have and to with the techniques and making progress in your transformation.

“Can not recommend this man enough. If you’ve had injuries or just a niggling pain that won’t go when you practice Graham is a man who can help.”

 Esther Benwell


Course outline


You can have all of this program now for only £395.00*


*As this is the first time this program has been run I am doing a one time only offer of £395.00 with the caveat of some feedback questions at the end of the program experience. The full course will run at approximately double the cost of the beta program.


Schedule Consultation

The course will run from 17th July – 7th September 2017


Week 1 – Freedom from pain


  • Live online webinar lecture to uncover some of the missing links relating to your pain.

    Tuesday 18th July @ 7.30pm – approx 60 mins  – recorded for playback at your convenience.

    After this webinar you will have the essential key concepts of pain and be able to take control of reducing pain, improving your movement, mood ,energy and self esteem.


  • Group coaching call on using the techniques of the freedom from pain module

    Friday 14th July @ 6pm – approx 60 mins

    After this webinar you will have seen how I practically apply these simple techniques to get people out of pain and be able to do this for yourself or other people.

Week 2 – Free movement


  • Live online webinar call Tuesday 25th July @ 7.30pm – approx 60 mins

    After this webinar you will be able to make better connective movement in your yoga practice and have clarity on how to create a movement connection goal.


  • Expert group coaching on using the techniques of the free movement module
    Webinar call Friday 28th July @ 6pm – approx 60 mins

    After this webinar you will have experienced how easy it is to bring movement patterns together as we go through a couple of real examples and have the confidence to start using this in your own practice straight away. The aim is to keep it simple and effective.


Week 3 – Free restrictions pt 1 – Dissolving states (exercise)


  • Live webinar call Tuesday 1st August @ 7.30pm – 60 mins

    After this part of your course you will be able to identify and release deeper stuck areas and create more flow in the body again.


  • Workshop 1 – Saturday 5th August 10am – 1pm location tbc London

    In this 3 hr workshop you will get specific help on the connected movement patterns, dissolving techniques and a new exercise I call stacking where we can learn and feel how to release the connective tissue of the body to free up the muscle movement.


Week 4 – Coaching your progress


  • Live Webinar coaching call Wednesday 9th August @ 7.30pm –  60 mins

    Through the course you have learnt a lot of new skills and it is important that you get lots of chances to practice this out with guidance and support. The coaching part of the program will give you the support you need to feel confident with your new skills.


 Week 5 – Forum coaching week


  • During this week I will be connecting into your questions through the forum to help make sure you are keeping up the progress out of pain and into more movement.


Week 6 – Release the pressure (exercise)


  • A live webinar exercise Tuesday 22nd August @ 7.30pm – 60 mins also recorded for you to watch in your own time.

    After this exercise you will now be able to distinguish more clearly the difference between a stretch and a strain so that you can avoid potential future injuries.
  • Possible extra coaching session during this week if there is enough call for it.


Week 8 – Putting it all together


  • Live Webinar call Tuesday 29th August @ 7.30pm – approx 1hr 30mins

    You will now be have experienced how to tackle pain, create more movement and release deep restrictions in the body. After this last part of the course you will be able to put all of this together into a comprehensive calm system which you can use in the future to “get out of pain” saving you time and money in the future.

Week 9 – Workshop 2


  • Workshop 2 – Saturday 2nd September 10am – 1pm location tbc London

    After this workshop you will have a stronger safer way to practice your yoga and be able to feel comfortable in more challenging positions bringing balance to your edge and also open a doorway to even deeper lines of enquiry to take you to the next level.

Week 10 – Final coaching session


  • Our final coaching webinar to clarify any areas you need help with moving forward Tuesday 5th September @ 7.30pm – approx 1hr 30mins

    We will now be able to see the transformation we have created but also feel in our bodies the calming benefit of our much more diverse movement vocabulary.


Before you decide on jumping into this program I offer a free 20 minute 1- 2 – 1 consultation with me first so that we can be sure this is the best fit for you and that it will absolutely help you.


If you would like to arrange your free initial phone consultation now then click this button and I will be in touch to arrange a time to speak with you.

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“I have had LOTS of body work of various types over the years and I found Grahams work to be subtle but impactful. I was slightly sore the next day, not in a bad way, but in a surprising way. It felt as though the tissues kept opening up after I had seen you for our session.”

David Keil – Yoga teacher and Yoga Anatomy expert


“I am currently doing yoga teacher training with Stewart Gilchrist, 2 months in and I was in a lot of lower back pain, I could barely stand up straight. Graham saw me 4 times and I really do not know what he did exactly but my whole internal muscle structure feels completely released and realigned. I can now do previously painful intense forward bends without as much as a twinge of pain…. Truly freeing and grateful to have such an adept body practitioner after many years of trying different methods and therapists. Thank you.”

Cindy Siu – Yoga teacher




I’m not sure that I have the time to do this?


The fact that time is an issue is precisely why this program is the best fit for you. How much time have you spent over the last 2 months, 6 months, year, years even looking for an answer? In 10 weeks time you could have an entirely different relationship to pain, how to get rid of it and create the life you want to be feeling. This course is specifically designed off the back of 20 years clinical experience of getting to the root of pain and taking people through a transition to something better.


  • The calls are done so you can watch live or at your leisure.
  • The movement library you can do in your spare time.
  • The homework is super minimal, it is made to fit around what you already do and make it applicable.


I don’t believe in giving people lots of prescriptive homework but giving them useful principles that work easily in their life, that way it actually works.

The workshops are the only possible criteria that may be an issue around time. If this is the only thing that is stopping you from jumping in then there are some other options we can explore through the phone consultation.


I don’t have that kind of money lying around?


No worries, If this is the only thing stopping you then I offer payment plans for people that don’t have it all at once. Time and money rarely come together so I offer some other options for splitting payments if it makes it easier for you to get started. I would rather that people start to take control of their health sooner rather than later because the fact of the matter is, the longer you leave it the more likely the problem is to get worse which could cost you more money and time in the future. By taking action now you are saving yourself money in the future.

How many times have you been through the loop of seeing physical therapists to only end up going through that again months later, each time spending the equivalent or more than the price of this program. In this course you will come away understanding pain better and having actual strategies to help yourself, not just now but for the rest of your life. This course really is an essential life skill that will save you time and money and bring more happiness to your life.

Will it work?



I have not come across anyone I have not been able to help. If you find that this course is not for you within the first two weeks then there is a, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I am confident though that the great support you will get and the simple approach to the program will be a great fit for you.

To make sure that this is happening I will check in with you to make sure you are making great progress and are getting the change you are looking for. It won’t happen overnight but I know from experience that this method works and has helped thousands of people achieve fantastic changes in their symptoms.

The difference between this approach and passive treatment work is, apart from the massive financial saving, you will have a skill for life which will be invaluable for any future pain episode and be a great foundation for any further training you choose to do in yoga.


I’m about to do, or, am doing a teacher training and not sure if this is the right time for me?


Great, I love your eagerness to learn but if you’re suffering with pain, teacher training will not address that issue specifically. The reality of long term pain is it affects your energy, ability to take on new information, deal with stress and challenges. I have taught on a number of teacher trainings over the years and there has always been a percentage of people that have had to drop out because there body can’t meet the demand, don’t be one of those people please. Teacher trainings are a big time and financial commitment, make sure you are in the best place possible to get the most out of your experience.

In this course you will learn the practical skills you need to deal with and overcome pain so that you don’t just get through your teacher training but excel in it. Whatever yoga courses you go on to do this is the bedrock of any physical training program you do.


Should I spend my money on treatment instead?


Good question, I work with people on a 1-2-1 treatment basis also and the short answer to this is we can find out the answer to this in our free consultation. If you are really, really stuck and in a lot of pain, hardly able to do anything and had pain longer than 2 years then maybe a 1-2-1 approach would be better but I have often seen people and given them pre – work to do before treatment so they can save money and time that way. This course will give you a lot of great techniques and confidence about tackling things yourself but if the problem still persists then you can still get 1-2-1 help but not need so much input in both time and money.


If you still have questions – great, hit the consultation button and we can chat through that to help you find your best route forward, whether that is this program, 1-2-1 help or something else you may want to try before doing anything else.

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What some people have said about working with me…


“Graham is a true expert in his field; his passionate interest and commitment to extensive study is a mere backdrop to his genuine openness to meeting ones unique body as it is, with visions of its optimal potential.

Working with Graham has been a process of unfolding, leading to surprising insights and releases.

Having visited him initially for a specific issue, the work has expanded to untangle deep tensions even I was previously unaware of, allowing natural movements to return. His intuitive approach allows the body to speak its mind, guiding the work towards greater equilibrium.

Graham is an excellent teacher, educating his clients about their body as he works. He also supports an attitude of curiosity around areas of discomfort, acknowledging how ones ideas about a particular sensation influence ones responses. This has been personally helpful in moving through symptoms, which I had previously had negative attachments to.

As I continue to work with Graham, I find greater freedom, not only in my body, but mentally, emotionally and how I meet the world. Thank you Graham! “

Nicole Miller, yoga instructor and psychotherapist


Heel injury hopefully vanished – big thanks to Graham Stones @brokenyogi for alignment work #injureddancers take note – he can help!  Magic.

Lyzee T


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“My right shoulder had been a problem for about six years during which time I’d seek treatment only when it totally seized up.  When this happened I’d get treatment such as deep tissue massage, acupuncture and even cupping which targeted the shoulder area but didn’t look at the bigger picture.  As a result, the mobility I’d regain in my shoulder would only be temporary because the root of the problem hadn’t been addressed.

I practice ashtanga yoga daily and found that the lack of movement in my shoulders was limiting my practice.  A few of my friends go to Graham on a regular basis and knowing my shoulder problem, recommended that I had a session with him.  I don’t know why I put it off for so long but the results were immediate and after my first session with him I haven’t looked back since.  The freedom of movement I now have in my shoulders is amazing, I didn’t think, for me, such movement would ever be possible.  I won’t go back to the days of having shoulders that pop, crack and click as I now have monthly treatments from Graham.  I have recommended him to many of my friends and like me, they are always happy with the results.

Graham’s can read a body as I can read a book.  It’s fascinating to watch him work but it’s even better to be on the receiving end of the treatment.”

Sharon Scott – Ashtanga practitioner


“I am a Dancer from English National Ballet and saw Graham for treatment for a back spasm I got during rehearsals. It was just two days before a very important performance that I could not afford to miss, I had pain walking and couldn’t imagine dancing, so I called Graham in desperation. I had been on the treatment bed for only minutes and I could feel my body re-aligning and releasing. I can’t describe as a professional athlete how valuable knowing someone as good as Graham is. We strive everyday to get the best from our bodies and when it comes to treatment we need not only the very best but to be fixed as soon as possible, and I know when I call Graham he will do whatever it takes to fix me and get me back to work. He is a very special therapist, he just seems to understand and know your body better than you will ever do. He is a genius in his art form and if I could I would see him every day.”

James Streeter – English National Ballet Soloist



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