Broken Yogi


Congratulations on taking action, you probably know by now that meditating on the problem doesn’t solve it. If you’re fed up with being stuck in pain and are looking to make a proper change then I would love to hear from you.

Did you know the longer you leave pain the more difficult it is to deal with. My aim is to help people out of pain and move more easily in the shortest time possible while also delivering long lasting change.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can start changing things for the better.

What happens next?

If you fill out your details and a brief description of your enquiry in the boxes next  (please leave your telephone number in the email)  I will be in contact to arrange your free 15 minute phone consultation where we can find out a bit more about what is going  and how I can help you best.

Then if it seems like a fit and you are curious about finding out more then we will arrange a 1-2-1 consultation for you, this will save you time and money by precisely targeting what is going on for you but more importantly , what can be done to help you get back to doing what you love.

You will also receive my  free broken yogi first aid kit which will get you out of trouble when injury strikes and give you the confidence and know how about what to do after the initial first stages of an injury.
If your enquiry is super urgent then do drop me a text also as I am often busy helping people and only check emails at certain times.

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